GPX - A Global Technology

GPX Cairo 2 Specifications



  • Footprint: 3,000 m2
  • Location:  Financial District, New Cairo, Egypt
  • Certified ANSI/TIA-942:2014, Rated-4
  • Floor Loading: 1500Kg/m2
  • Fiber Entrances: Multiple physically diverse private entry manholes and private conduit system connected to two physically diverse GPX carrier rooms.
  • Telco Access Routes:  Redundant physically diverse fiber networks connected to TE CO’s
  • Cabling: GPX Structured Wiring Interconnect System provides universal physical interconnection between customers, colocation rooms, and cabinets using all copper and fiber mediums
  • Floor: Raised Floor with Anti-Static Coating
  • Work Space: Customer desk space with passive console connection to customer equipment in colocation areas - free internet service available in the working area
  • Access: 24x7x365


  • Multi-Stage: Multiple physical identification checks, card, pin code and biometric access control to the data center and colocation areas
  • Cameras: Digital IP Camera system including more than 130+ Cameras for surveillance and monitoring inside the data center and around the perimeter with 90 days continuous recording
  • Physical Security: 24x7x365 security personnel patrols throughout the facility


  • Power Architecture: ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 certified, fault tolerant, concurrently maintainable electrical systems
  • Power Redundancy: 3 Diesel Generators (2188 kVA) in an N+1 configuration with internal day tanks. All generators are served by 3 different main storage tanks that can supply fuel with 72 hours runtime at full load. A mission-critical fuel polishing system is used to receive fuel prior to entering the main tanks and maintain stored fuel
  • Site Power: AC230V/50Hz Single Phase or 400V/50Hz Three Phase
  • UPS: Critical power supported by 3 fully independent power systems in an N+1 configuration with different battery strings for extended critical load support
  • SLA: 99.999%


  • Mechanical Architecture: ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 4 certified fault tolerant, concurrently maintainable  mechanical systems (chillers, pumps, valves, and piping)
  • Mechanical Redundancy: 3 fully independent cooling precision systems with multiple layers of redundancy in each system
  • Airflow: Under Raised floor cooling plenum with ceiling based hot air return plenum in cold aisle/ hot aisle setup.
  • Efficiency: High efficiency closed loop chilled water system
  • Cooling Density:  Cooling capacities can support up to 8-10kW per rack, higher loads can be supported with customized solutions including hot/cold containment  


  • Detection: Multiple layers of fire and smoke detection including VESDA System with 2 different levels of alarms, smoke detectors, and flame detectors
  • Suppression: FM200 gas fire suppression system, in a separate fire zones design operating in conjunction with motorized Smoke Fire Dampers
  • Protection: 2Hrs fire rated internal walls with fire stopping material at all service utility entry points
  • Water Safety: Moisture barriers on exterior walls, moisture detection system, waterproofed flooring, expansive drainage system


  • BMS: Our DCO engineers monitor all aspects of the facilities infrastructure both locally and remotely, including Cooling System, Power System, Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting through a comprehensive BMS system. GPX's custom-built developed BMS monitors over 5000 critical and non-critical points and automatically escalates any critical alarms directly to the GPX management team 


  • Climate Control: State of the art HVAC units and controls which provides precision controlled temperature and humidity for all colocation space
  • Cooling Environment: Controlled operational environment following ASHRAE data centers recommended window of operation for all areas


  • Expertly Trained: GPX is fully staffed and monitored 24x7x365 by highly trained Data Center Operations Engineers who monitor all elements of our data centers and are the primary interface to our customers for all support including access, material delivery, and Remote Hands Support
  • Power Installation: GPX Electrical Technicians perform all electrical circuit installations to customer cabinets
  • Structured Wiring: GPX DCO Engineers and Technicians perform all structured wiring installation and troubleshooting
  • Customer Installation: Our DCO Engineers assist customers with their equipment installations including space planning, cage / rack design,  and equipment installation / deployment


  • Expert Staffing: Multiple levels of facility staffing 24x7x365 including GPX Mechanical and Electrical Facility Engineers, and Technicians with extensive OEM training and critical systems experience.
  • Preventative Maintenance: performed on all systems monthly/quarterly/annually including annual DG and UPS load testing, and thermal imaging analysis of all system level electrical connections
  • Preventative Alerts: BMS notification to all management staff on all alarms
  • Critical Equipment Management: All systems have OEM maintenance contracts with onsite sparing for critical systems


  • Customer Equipment: Loading docks for shipping and receiving
  • Hot Desks: Customer work area
  • Repository: Secure temporary storage areas