GPX - A Global Technology

GPX Differentials

Unique Business Model

GPX offers its customers a unique business model and an opportunity to stimulate business growth and expansion. GPX is not a Telco, ISP, IXP, hardware or software provider. Our sole and exclusive business is providing extremely reliable data center colocation space. GPX does not offer any network infrastructure. We do not sell or resell bandwidth, package bandwidth with any offering, offer Managed Services, or resell hardware or software.

True Carrier Neutral

GPX’s Data Centers are “true” carrier neutral. GPX is not a Telco carrier, ISP, IXP, hardware or software provider, an affiliate, or a distributor or partner for any transport, hardware, or software solutions. Our centers provide the tools customers need to control their costs and reliability. Our model provides access to multiple clouds, carriers and multiple ISPs, allowing customers to choose the most appropriate, efficient, and competitively priced interconnection partners for their business needs. GPX offers our clients the ability to change carriers without moving equipment, and to connect to more than one carrier to achieve redundancy.

Extensive Business, Technical, & Operational Experience

The core team of four distinguished professionals has over 120 years of combined experience in the engineering, design, integration, implementation, and operations of data centers, optical and Internet transmission facilities and services, communications networks, and business operations in the U.S., Western Europe,  Africa, and East and South Asia regions. The majority previously worked at Abovenet where they ran global networks that delivered high performance optical IP Internet solutions, private optical network solutions, and carrier neutral collocation, on a worldwide basis.