GPX - A Global Technology

Unique Business Model

GPX offers its customers a unique business model and an opportunity to stimulate business growth and expansion in key emerging markets within African and South Asian regions.

GPX is not a Telco, ISP, or a hardware or software provider, our exclusive business is providing extremely reliable data center colocation space. GPX does not sell or resell bandwidth, package bandwidth with any offering, offer managed services, or resell hardware or software. Our sole focus is to deliver the most reliable and secure data center colocation services in each market we operate.  

GPX provides colocation, interconnectivity between customers, a secure and fault tolerant Tier 4 environment to house equipment - supporting such critical business applications such as disaster recovery, telecommunications and ISP Points of Presence (PoPs), Content Delivery and Cloud ServicesIn addition, we provide a robust interconnection system allowing customers to connect their networks for cross-selling, content exchange, network performance improvement, disaster recovery, and many more critical business requirements. We also provide remote hands support to assist our customers with basic troubleshooting, installation, and other support requirements.