GPX - A Global Technology

Remote Technical Support

Through GPX’s Remote Hands Support (RHS), customers can engage experienced, on-site technical personnel to provide basic assistance with platform or equipment problems. GPX RHS offering can be the client’s eyes and ears onsite, performing basic server or communications equipment reboots, identification of fault conditions via equipment inspection, testing of cables or connectors, or the swapping of FRU (Field Replaceable Units) under the guidance and direction of the customers NOC.

These services can be instrumental in proving rapid response, backup, or support during off-shift hours, for a fraction of the cost that it would take to send customer personnel.

GPX Technical Support Services are available on a contractual or emergency basis. At the customer’s direction, GPX DCO engineers can:

  • Test carrier circuits (Cross Connections)
  • Perform hard or soft loopbacks to facilitate remote testing
  • Provide visual status of installed equipment including: power, alarms, and cabling
  • Replace / Swap SSD and Motherboards on customer servers
  • Replace / Swap line cards on networking equipment
  • Connect a console to a serial port to enable checking system status and alarms
  • Reboot or power cycle servers, routers, and other equipment
  • Toggling switches or pressing buttons where externally accessible and clearly labeled
  • Verify cable integrity on installed equipment and re-seat cable connectors where needed
  • Monitor and provide status for repair efforts by maintenance vendor personnel