GPX - A Global Technology


Each GPX data center provides high levels of security and optimal operating conditions for our customers mission critical equipment and applications. All cabinet locations are engineered with direct access to the structured cabling system to allow virtually an infinite number of interconnections at a variety of bandwidth and speeds.

Racks and cabinets are configured with GPX’s versatile overhead cable distribution system for copper and fiber cross-connects, and under the floor distribution systems for dual AC power distribution. The power delivery system within the facility accommodates multiple, physically diverse (A&B) 16AMP and higher power drops for each cabinet.

GPX customers can choose the standard rack cabinet configuration or have a custom designed cage configuration. The standard cabinet that GPX offers is a 42Um,  600 x 1000 mm cabinet and is equipped with front and back locking vented doors, power strips, and cable management. Customized solutions are offered to support other cabinet configurations.