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GPX Cairo 1 Specifications


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  • Multi-level physical and electronic security
  • 24/7 security personnel patrols throughout the facility
  • Multi-level physical identification checks before entry
  • Controlled access to facility and colocation rooms through electronic access control system.
  • Full digital IP camera coverage around the site with 24/7 continuous recording for 60 days.
  • Controlled Access environment through strict access procedures


  • 1000kVA service provided by CEDCO through a step down transformer feed dedicated to GPX
  • Redundant on-site standby generators to take full load power in an emergency (one is sufficient for complete site load)
  • High availability, energy efficient, Redundant UPS systems to provide continuous power conditioning to critical load
  • Dual True A and B power feeds available for each cabinet
  • Separate Redundant DC power plant, eliminating the need for customer provided rectifiers for AC/DC conversion


  • Multiple HVAC units in N+1 configuration
  • Controlled operational environment following ASHRAE Data centers recommended window of operation for all Colo rooms
  • Critical data center rooms are closely monitored through a comprehensive BMS system


  • VESDA detection systems throughout the facility
  • Heat rate of rise sensors in each colocation room
  • FM200 suppression system in every colocation room
  • Comprehensive BMS system is monitoring all data center safety Systems such as VESDA and FM200


  • Multiple levels of staffing 24x7x365 including Data Center Operations Engineers alarmed, Mechanical and Electrical Facility Engineers, and technicians
  • Preventative maintenance performed on all systems monthly/quarterly/annually including annual DG and UPS load testing, and thermal imaging analysis of all system level electrical connections.
  • Extensive OEM training program for all DCO and Facility Engineers
  • BMS notification to all management staff on all alarms
  • GPX employee perform all electrical circuit and structured wiring installations
  • All systems have OEM maintenance contracts with onsite sparing for critical systems


  • Telco and ISP neutral environment, standalone Carrier room
  • Geographically diverse SDH fiber ring with MSP ring protection
  • Redundant connectivity between GPX facility and 2 separate TE central offices
  • Mix of E1/DS1, E3/DS3, 10/100Mbps, 1GEps, STM1s and STM-4s on the tributary side


  • Passive physical cross-connection: Structured wiring interconnection copper, coaxial cabling, and single and multimode fiber.


  • Dock for shipping and receiving
  • Customer work area
  • Locked area for temporary storage