GPX - A Global Technology

Benefits of GPX Colocation

GPX provides high levels of security and optimal operating conditions for our customer's mission-critical equipment and applications. All cabinet locations are engineered with direct access to the structured cabling system to allow virtually an infinite number of interconnections at a variety of bandwidth and speeds.

GPX facilities also feature multiple, physically diverse, and redundant carrier fiber points of entry. The vast majority of carriers provide services to GPX customers from physically diverse and redundant central offices or PoP's.

The GPX facilities are architected, designed, and built to be concurrently maintainable and provide 99.999% uptime guarantees. Equipment failures are a fact of life, however, preventing any one failure from impacting the service we deliver to our customers is the core principle of our data center architecture. One small example of this is how GPX installs its electrical systems, each electrical cable from the utility transformer to the outlet serving our customer's racks is isolated in conduit preventing and one cable failure from impacting adjacent cables.

  • Maximum Uptime - GPX's Fault Tolerant data centers provide 99.999% SLA guarantee on power and cooling
  • Competitive Network Pricing and Freedom - Carrier neutral approach and access to multiple carriers within the GPX facility
  • Choice - Customers can choose the most appropriate, efficient, and cost effective interconnection method – physical cross connect or LAN based switched connection
  • Business Growth – Access to other GPX customers and fast growing emerging markets
  • Technology Life Cycle Protection – GPX will continue to upgrade its data center when necessary to ensure reliability and security
  • Capital Investment Efficiency – Clients can invest their capital in the growth of their business, rather than data center infrastructure