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Open-IX Certified


As the Internet proliferates, so do inconsistencies in connectivity, resiliency, and security. It's up to the entire Internet community to overcome these challenges. That's why major Data Centers, network operators, content distribution networks, content creators, consumers, and others come together to form Open-IX.


Open-IX is a self-regulated community that's formed to foster the development of critical Data Center and IXP technical and operating standards in a framework that works for everyone. Open-IX:

  • Promotes uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity
  • Creates resiliency to improve reliability
  • Certifies Internet Exchanges and Data Centers that meet the community developed standards

GPX Mumbai is pleased to be an early adopter of Open-IX promoting cost-effective interconnections and open peering.

Open-IX Certified Data Center Location

GPX Global Systems has received Open-IX certification from the Open-IX Association for the following data center location:

  • GPX India Pvt Ltd, Unit A-001 Boomerang, Chandivali Farm Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400072, India. Tel +(91) 22 6628 5777