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GPX Mumbai 2 Specifications

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  • 16 MW of Utility Power
  • Multiple physically diverse 33KV utility power feeds from diverse Tata Power Receiving Stations - for superior redundancy 
  • N+1 DG Power with 72 hours onsite backup
  • 6 MW of Critical Power (UPS)
  • High-Density power per rack: up to 15kW
  • Mission-critical Data Center infrastructure design with high resiliency assuring 99.999% availability SLA concurrently maintainable and fault-tolerant infrastructure
  • Highly efficient Eaton UPS systems with Lithium-Ion Battery System - industry’s best battery management system to optimize charging, load and safety parameters


  • Three independent cooling systems in an N+1 configuration; each cooling system has three chillers and its own physically diverse and dedicated supply/return pipes
  • Each cooling system has multiple CRAHs in an N+7 configuration
  • Each chiller has an independent UPS for its control
  • Lastest Daikin Rapid Restart Air Cooled Chillers


  • True Carrier Neutral Data Center
  • Presence of all major Telcos with the capability to offer up to 100G circuits on diverse paths
  • Interconnected to GPX Mumbai-1
  • 4 physically diverse carrier fiber entrances
  • Multiple physically diverse carrier rooms


  • Highly qualified and trained 24 x 7 x 365 onsite Operations and Facilities engineering teams
  • Intelligent and fault-tolerant data center IBMS system for real-time monitoring
  • Tried and tested Data Center operations processes ensuring world-class reliability, service, and customer satisfaction


  • Anti-climb perimeter fence and secured parking with no public access
  • License Plate Recognition System
  • Highly secured crash rated fence and wedge barrier with multi-layered access control to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Multi-factor identification with multiple layers of 24 x 7 physical / electronic security before access to colocation halls
  • Digital pan-tilt-zoom cameras that monitor all data center areas including building perimeter, parking lots, entrances, roof, and loading bays



  • Redundant double-walled diesel bulk storage tanks for 72 hours back-up at full load
  • Unique automatic fuel management system with dual, physical diverse piping
  • Fuel Polisher delivering 100% clean fuel for backup power generation


  • Pre-installed and tested structured wiring system providing any-to-any connectivity over fiber or copper media with a minimum installation time
  • High ceiling with the capability to accommodate 52U racks, and up to 15kW power for high-density racks
  • 5-tonne service lift for equipment delivery