GPX India Moves Up To #3 on Asia DC Operator Leaderboard for Q3, 2017

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Growth of Asia Pacific Data Center Operators Causes Shift in Cloudscene’s Global Leaderboard for Q3, 2017
GPX India moves UP 3 places to #3 overtaking Netmagic, NTT & Global Switch on Cloudscene’s Q3, 2017 Asian Leaderboard.

Cloudscene, the world’s largest directory of colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics, has revealed the top ten data center operators in North America, EMEA, Oceania and Asia for the third quarter of this year.

This quarter’s results saw the majority of movement stem from the Oceania and Asia leaderboards, a reflection on the significant growth of the data center sector across the Asia Pacific region.

Serial tech entrepreneur and Cloudscene’s founder, Bevan Slattery said: “It’s no secret that the Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing data center market in the world right now.

“Operators are in an aggressive race to meet market demand; global public cloud providers are all making their presence known in the region, and new opportunities supported by foreign and domestic investment are having a huge impact on the industry. I can’t see the Asia Pacific market slowing down anytime soon.”

The Oceania and Asia Leaderboards have presented the most percentage growth from Q1 to Q3 2017, with the North America and EMEA regions remaining relatively stable, showing only moderate growth in connectivity and density scores.

With rankings determined by data center density and connectivity, the top data center operators are selected from a pool of more than 5,500 service providers listed on Cloudscene. The results for Q3, 2017 are as follows: