GPX Global Systems Inc. announces the launch of its Neutral Middle East Internet eXchange “MEIX”

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City: Cairo, Egypt

GPX Global Systems, Inc. has announced today the opening of MEIX, a neutral Middle East/North Africa (MENA) Internet eXchange hub site in Cairo, Egypt. The state-of-the-art Internet eXchange is located in the prestigious Heliopolis section of Cairo. MEIX provides colocation, interconnectivity between customers, a secure and reliable environment to house servers and network equipment, and local access to ISPs and telecommunications providers that reside within the eXchange. This new eXchange receives the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Unlike other Telco and ISP owned interconnect businesses within the Region, GPX does not resell network transport or hosting services, so customers can freely choose, in an open, neutral environment, those best-in-class partners for optimal price, performance, and service.

GPX data centers are designed, built, and operated to the highest U.S. and E.U. standards for environmental controls, power availability, infrastructure flexibility, physical security, network availability, and customer support. The facility design accommodates equipment delivery and staging, telecommunications services access and maintenance services.

Commenting on the announcement, GPX Chairman, Nick Tanzi said, “The MENA region offers a unique growth opportunity for Internet based businesses that want to expand into new markets. Egypt has become one of the most competitive marketplaces in the region. We are happy to be working with the Egyptian Ministry to eliminate some of the roadblocks that restrict the Internet’s ability to scale and keep up with growth”.

Brian Kelly, GPX Egypt Managing Director, added, “MEIX will allow customers and network providers to exchange traffic with one another without having to route data outside Egypt, eliminating long haul transport costs and mitigating network outage risks”.

“We believe this partnership with GPX will further strengthen the quality, reliability, and robustness of the Internet infrastructure in Egypt and the region,” said Minister Tarek Kamel, Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology. “We are delighted with the choice of Egypt for a Middle East and North Africa hub site.”

GPX Global Systems, Inc.
Incorporated in August 2002, GPX develops and operates state-of-the-art, neutral Internet eXchange (IX) colocation facilities in emerging, but fast growing commercial Internet markets along the undersea cable systems of FLAG, SEA-ME-WE3, and SEA-ME-WE4 as well as other regional cable systems. The company has offices in New York, Dublin, and Cairo.

GPX IX’s provide telecommunications companies (Telco’s), Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), e-businesses, and enterprise customers with a highly reliable, secure, neutral data center environment where they can collocate their mission critical communications and application platforms. In addition, the GPX IX provides a single physical location where customers can access a host of services from multiple providers.

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