GPX Direct Cloud Connect

Enterprises can connect their hybrid environments seamlessly and directly to CSPs at GPX while assuring security, high performance, low latency, and lower cost. This service offers a private direct one-to-one connection to three CSPs, bypassing the unstable public Internet. GPX provides a direct connection to a CSP, with a simple cross-connect ordered, provisioned, and managed through GPX. It includes a Layer 2 switching platform that offers customers the ability to order ports starting at low speeds—100 Mbps, all the way to 100 Gbps.

GPX Direct Cloud Connect

Available CSPs:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect
  • Google Cloud Interconnect
  • Oracle Cloud FastConnect

GPX Advantages

  • BESPOKE SOLUTIONS - Adopt Hybrid IT architecture with colocation and cloud services
  • RELIABLE - Secure and consistent network performance with direct connectivity to cloud
  • SCALABLE - Port speed offered to customers range from 100Mbps to 100Gbps
  • BACK-UP, RECOVERY - Ideal for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery on Cloud
  • CLOUD NEUTRAL SOLUTION - Enabling enterprise customers Multi and Hybrid-Cloud strategies

As part of the GPX CLOUD SOLUTIONS product family, the following services are offered to customers:


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