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True Cloud Neutrality

GPX is fully committed to maintaining its neutrality as a data center and interconnection provider. Our model provides access to multiple cloud providers, allowing customers to choose the most advance, efficient, and competitively priced cloud partners for their business needs.

With the global Digital Transformation underway, there is a business demand for migrating workloads to the Cloud. GPX has partnered with multiple major CSPs who offer direct connection services in India (bypassing the unstable public Internet) to establish an edge node on-prem inside the GPX Mumbai data center campus. Enterprises want to connect to these CSPs and we give them that capability in an easy and cost-effective way.

As the market leader in India for interconnection services, we are fully committed to being neutral and “Open”. We will be adding additional CSPs to the service offering to enhance the options for our customers. Not only enterprises who wish to connect to multiple CSPs can take advantage of this service, also network service providers who want to provide the capability to their customers (on their network) to connect to multiple CSPs can take advantage of this offering by connecting to the GPX Open Cloud Exchange. GPX Open Cloud Exchange service is not dependent on any other data center provider or network carrier.

As part of the GPX CLOUD SOLUTIONS product family, the following services are offered to customers:


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