Dyn Announces the Opening of New Data Center in GPX’s ‘Uptime Certified’ TierIV Data Center, Mumbai, India

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Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance Solutions, announced today that it has extended its global footprint of IP Anycast Points of Presence (POPs) around the world with the addition of its newest data center located in GPX’s ‘Uptime Certified’ TierIV Data Center, Mumbai, India.

GPX’s Mumbai data center is Dyn’s first strategic location within India, a country with one of the fastest growing populations of Internet users. With the introduction of a new data center into Dyn’s global anycast network, DNS response times will be dramatically improved for those querying from the Indian subcontinent.

“Users local to the area of Mumbai can expect on average a 200ms reduction in DNS latency,” said Jeff Cronstrom, ‎Director of Datacenter Operations at Dyn. “By continuing to expand our global network, we’re honoring our commitment to our customers around the world to provide the best service possible by further decreasing DNS query latency, while increasing failover protection, and load balancing.”

The demand to expand into the region was clear but the provider selection process has been a year in the making. Ultimately, Dyn decided to co-locate with GPX Global Systems, a carrier-neutral data center, because of their shared commitment to uptime. GPX is the first ‘Uptime Certified’ TIER IV designed data center in South Asia. This strategic deployment in GPX’s new data center allows for Dyn clients to take advantage of a rock-solid network with geo-targeted global load balancing capability.

“The selection process for a data center is exceedingly important,” said Dyn CTO Cory von Wallenstein. “We look for key indicators of reliability and performance such as fiber optic density, availability of key IP carriers, site reliability metrics, and several other aspects. If done haphazardly adding new site locations can actually degrade performance in the network and it’s scary to think that some providers do this at random.”

Over the past decade, Dyn has created a robust and stable network that spans five continents. Other sites include New Jersey, Palo Alto, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brazil, Sydney and Hong Kong. The Mumbai data center is Dyn’s fourth in Asia and 18th overall. It won’t be the last either with additional locations expected to come online by the end of the year.

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