SINGAPORE March 23, 2018 – GPX Global Systems is proud to announce that it’s Mumbai facility has received the prestigious “Excellence in Data Centre Service Award: India” at the Datacloud Asia Awards 2018. This wonderful award was presented to India Managing Director, Manoj Paul at the awards ceremony in Singapore.

GPX was among a number of distinguished global organizations winning awards at the event, the official Datacloud publication is available here-

This illustrious award underlines GPX India as THE premier provider of carrier-neutral colocation & best location for interconnection in Mumbai & India. Special thanks to BroadGroup for awarding us this valuable prize.

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GPX wins DCD Best in India 2018 award

BANGALORE July 18, 2018 – GPX Global Systems is delighted to announce that it’s Mumbai facility has also won the original “Living at the Edge” award at the DatacenterDynamics AsiaPac Awards 2018. This award was presented to India Managing Director, Manoj Paul at the DCD awards ceremony in Bangalore.

The award presented to GPX India illustrates the unique and innovative approach to housing IT at the customer edge that acts as an exemplar to the wider industry –

This accolade underlines GPX India as THE leading provider of carrier-neutral colocation & best location for interconnection in Mumbai & India. Thanks to everyone over at DatacenterDynamics including Naveen Lawrence & Karishma Shah for this prestigious award, GPX Global Systems, Inc. continues to lead in enhancing the infrastructure, reliability, and quality internet services across India.

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Amsterdam | Mumbai, 27 February 2018 – AMS-IX India, a neutral Internet Exchange (IX), is pleased to announce the launch of a third AMS-IX India PoP (Point-of-Presence) in GPX’s Mumbai data center. With the addition of a third PoP AMS-IX India has a presence in all areas of Mumbai – South, Central and North. The PoP at GPX DC, which has the richest ecosystem of Carriers and Content providers, will be operational in Q2 2018. However, five GPX customers have already committed and are ready to join and peer at AMS-IX India.

Onno Bos, Sales Director, AMS-IX, “By opening a third POP in Mumbai we are expanding our AMS-IX India footprint in one of the world’s fastest growing internet markets. Furthermore, it makes it easier for customers to connect to AMS-IX India. We are therefore very pleased to be present at GPX and are confident that this will enhance the growth of AMS-IX India.”

Manoj Paul, MD, GPX India, adds: “GPX’s Mumbai data centre is True Carrier Neutral and IX neutral and is the most interconnected data center in India with the largest number of Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), Internet Service providers (ISPs), and is also the hub for all major content providers. The addition of AMS-IX India’s Internet Exchange platform allows our customers, mainly the ISPs and Content providers, to enhance their connectivity, reduce costs, introduce new products, and increase the level of their customer’s experience and satisfaction”.

About AMS-IX India

AMS-IX India is a collaboration between the India based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) service provider, Sify Technologies, and the European based AMS-IX. Customers are able to connect to the IX via dedicated ports with speeds in multiples of 1Gbps or 10Gbps. AMS-IX India serve as a neutral and independent peering platform with unrivaled quality, offering both private and public peering services at carrier-grade level to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Content Providers (ICPs), and telecom operators. By connecting to the exchange, content providers and eyeball networks can exchange their internet traffic and benefit from reduced latency and costs. For more information, please visit

About GPX

GPX develops and operates state-of-the-art, private, carrier-neutral Data centers in emerging, but fast-growing commercial markets within the MENA, South Asia markets. GPX’s Data centers are thriving carrier-neutral internet ecosystems, and home to the largest carriers, content providers, cloud service providers, and internet companies. For more information, please visit:

Media Contacts:

AMS-IX: Petra Wensing, Tel: +31 (0)20 305 89 98, Email: [email protected]
GPX: Ruchira Kumar, Mo:+91 9867008460 , Email: [email protected]


New York, US | Mumbai, India – February 7th, 2018 — GPX Global Systems Inc., the premier provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services in the MENA and South Asia regions, today announced the expansion of its presence in Mumbai with the addition of GPX Mumbai 2, a 16MW Tier 4 carrier neutral facility which will be available late Q1 2019.

Since opening its first Mumbai data centre in 2012, GPX has established itself as the leading high availability, carrier neutral colocation provider to Carriers, ISP’s, CDN’s, Cloud, Content Service Providers, and the rapidly digitizing BFSI sector. Within its GPX Mumbai 1 data centre are 12 Carriers, 85+ ISP’s, leading global CDN’s, cloud, and content providers creating the richest internet ecosystem and interconnect data centre in India.

GPX Mumbai 2 will be a next generation Tier 4 certified standalone 60,000 square foot facility with 16MW of power. Support for high density applications, 52U cabinets, rich interconnectivity, and power system efficiency will be an integral part of the data centre. GPX Mumbai 1 and GPX Mumbai 2 will be interconnected with campus like networking and latency.

Nick Tanzi, GPX Global Systems President & CEO comments “Interconnectivity is central to achieving digital transformation in India and GPX is playing a critical role in this transformation. GPX Mumbai 1 is the largest internet ecosystem and interconnect data centre in India, with the addition of our Mumbai 2 facility, GPX will support our customers continued expansion and interconnection requirements allowing high quality internet services to spread to the farthest corners of India”.

About GPX:

GPX Global Systems, Inc. is a private company headquartered in New York which builds and operates private, carrier neutral Tier 4 data centers’ in emerging markets strategically located in close proximity to undersea cable systems which interconnect the global internet. The company has focused its development efforts on the MENA and South Asian markets whose demographics are driving the next wave of internet growth. The company offers world class Tier 4 certified carrier neutral colocation infrastructure to clients seeking to broaden their exposure and growth into new lucrative emerging global markets. GPX has been recognized as the premier provider of carrier neutral colocation facilities within the MENA and South Asian markets.

OIXA (1)

GPX Mumbai becomes the first OIX-2 certified facility in South Asia, enhancing GPX’s Indian footprint

New York, US | Mumbai, IN – Mar 6, 2017 – GPX Global Systems Inc., a premier provider of carrier-neutral colocation data center services within the MENA and South Asian regions, today announced that its Mumbai data center facility has been granted the respected OPEN-IX™ OIX-2 Certification.

OIX-2 is a best-in-class global certification for data centers looking to serve as carrier-neutral points of network interconnection. The GPX Mumbai facility is the first Indian & South Asian data center to meet the rigorous requirements of this global standard. GPX’s Mumbai data center is a major carrier, content & cloud hub, ideally located for access to international sub-sea cable networks spanning India & Asia. The OIX-2 certification highlights GPX as a strategic partner offering colocation for core IP networks, content & cloud platforms, as well non-discriminatory access to all network providers. The certification also expresses GPX’s position to advance OIX’s task to improve the global landscape of internet peering and interconnection, applying uniform, cost-efficient standards of performance.

Manoj Paul, MD of GPX India, said, “We’re excited about this achievement – our Mumbai facility is the first in India and the whole of South Asia to receive the coveted OIX certification. This OIX-2 certification shows GPX’s commitment to carrier neutrality and our passion to continually raise standards within the colocation & interconnection market in India.”

Martin Hannigan, Chairperson of the Open-IX™ Association Board of Directors, congratulated GPX on achieving OIX-2 certification and welcomed them to the family of high quality data centers in the Open-IX™ OIX-2 portfolio.

About GPX:

Incorporated in August 2002, GPX develops and operates state-of-the-art, private, carrier neutral data centers in emerging, but fast growing commercial markets within the MENA, South Asia, and South East Asian markets. GPX’s data centers are thriving internet ecosystems, and home to the largest carriers, content providers, cloud service providers, and internet companies.

About OIX:

The Open-IX™ Association (OIX) is an Internet community effort to improve the landscape of Internet peering and massive-scale interconnection. OIX encourages the development of neutral and distributed Internet exchanges while promoting uniform standards of performance for interconnections backed by the Internet community. The Association aims to promote common and uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity, and improve overall Internet performance by developing criteria and methods of measurement to reduce the complexity that restricts massive-scale interconnection in fragmented markets. More information about OIX can be found by visiting

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady has witnessed the ceremony of signing the license renewal contracts of Global Peering Exchange- Egypt (GPX) for five years to fit the new expansions undertaken by the company for its activity in Egypt. GPX is specialized in the field of designing, constructing and managing advanced data and information centers for information exchange and internet connection.

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) Acting Executive President Mustafa Abdul Wahid and GPX- Egypt Director Richard Norman Euler have signed the license.

ElKady stated that Egypt strongly supports the new investments aiming to expand the giant data centers, to make Egypt a global hub for those activities. He ascertained that such projects contribute to the optimization of Egypt’s distinguished geographical location and strong infrastructure network, especially the international cable network which positions Egypt in the ranks of the distinguished countries in this area.

The ICT Minister added that the renewal of Egypt GPX license is a significant step through which the company can develop its business, pump new investments in the Egyptian market and provide new job opportunities for young people in the field of building and managing data and information centers.

In response to the increasing demand for data services in Egypt and creating a supportive environment for the growth of cloud computing industries, digital content services, service continuity solutions and disaster recovery, the company set up a new data center, which the ICT Minister inaugurated last December. The center is the first of its kind in Egypt and North Africa, built in accordance with the highest international standards and provides ongoing service by up to 99.999% . in addition, there are many requests from GPX’s customers to host their company’s data in Cairo Center.

For his part, GPX Chairman Nick Tanzi has underlined the company’s trust in the Egyptian market as a strategic investment center and a gateway to the Middle East. He referred to the company’s commitment to provide the highest quality in the secured data services and business solutions from the company’s offices in Cairo. GPX Global Systems has offices in Southeast Asia and the Middle East regions besides the two data centers in Cairo. Tanzi has also seconded the performance level of Egyptian engineers and technicians and stated that the company employs them to establish and manage its centers around the world.

ICT Minister Witnesses Signing GPX License Renewal Contracts to Build Data Centers

GPX’s 2nd Cairo Data Centre Adds 3,000 Square Meters of Equipped Space

NEW YORK, NEW YORK–(Marketwired – Dec. 14, 2015) – GPX Global Systems Inc., a premier provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services within the MENA and South/South East Asian regions, today announced the opening of its second Data Centre facility in Cairo, Egypt.

The new world class TIER4 data centre, which provides 3,000 sqm of additional collocation space and 5 MW of power, enhances GPX’s capacity to provide highly reliable, secure colocation space offering our customers a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Demand for data centre services is growing in Egypt driven by enterprise disaster recovery requirements, cloud computing, and content services providers. GPX’s new data centre located in fast growing Central Business District of New Cairo offers Egyptian and multi-national customers a secure and accessible location to support their colocation needs.

Since moving into the Egyptian market in 2007, GPX is now an established part of the data centre landscape and continues to bring online new customer capacity to support domestic and international demand for data centre services in Egypt. Together with its Tier 4 Datacenter in Mumbai, India GPX continues to expand its platform across the MENA, South Asian, and South East Asian regions.

Nick Tanzi, GPX President & CEO comments “Our Egyptian expansion highlights GPX’s leadership in the market and our continued commitment to provide world class data centres in strategic geographic locations like Egypt. With two of the most reliable data centre facilities in Egypt, customers can confidently deploy their mission critical applications and technology, and have access to world class telecommunications infrastructure enabling cost effective, secure, and highly resilient business solutions.”

About GPX: Incorporated in August 2002, GPX develops and operates state-of-the- art, private, carrier neutral Data Centre’s in emerging, but fast growing commercial markets along the MENA, South Asian, and South East Asian regions. GPX has offices in New York, Dublin, Cairo, and Mumbai.

Hesham Fattah
Regional Sales & Marketing Director
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New York, Dublin, Mumbai – 7 Dec 2015 – GPX India Pvt Ltd, one of India’s industry-leading providers of premium carrier-neutral data centres, today announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect is now available at GPX’s Tier IV Data Centre located in East Andheri, Mumbai.

Customers located in GPX’s Mumbai Data Centre can now establish dedicated connections to AWS for reduced costs, increased throughput, and consistent application performance. Customers with equipment located on their own premises, can also obtain private connections to AWS via the choice of available carriers in GPX’s Mumbai Data Centre.

Using AWS Direct Connect can reduce bandwidth costs as data transferred over the dedicated connection is charged at the AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate rather than Internet data transfer rates. Additionally, with a private connection to AWS Direct Connect, businesses can experience lower latency and increased performance over internet based connections

Manoj Paul, COO GPX India comments: “ GPX DC is pleased to provide new opportunities to our customers using AWS Direct Connect, helping them build solutions that utilise the economic benefits of AWS alongside their existing infrastructure. Our highly differentiated Tier IV data centre is already a thriving digital ecosystem and a leading interconnected Data Centre in India, providing direct access with a wide choice of connectivity options.”

About GPX: Incorporated in August 2002, GPX develops and operates state-of-the-art, private, carrier neutral Data Centre’s in emerging, but fast growing commercial markets within the MENA, South Asia, and South East Asian markets. GPX’s datacenters are thriving internet ecosystems, and home to the largest carriers, content providers, cloud service providers, and internet companies.

City: Cairo, Egypt

GPX Global Systems, Inc., a provider of state-of-the-art, neutral Internet eXchange (IX) facilities in emerging Internet markets, announced that all four Egyptian Class A ISPs have joined the GPX Middle East Internet Exchange (MEIX), in Cairo Egypt. An Egyptian Class A license grants the right to own an Internet backbone and connect directly to international service providers. EgyNet, LINKdotNet, Nile On Line, and TE Data own and run the Internet backbones in Egypt.

By joining the GPX MEIX, these ISPs have access to a broad range of customers wishing to expand their marketplace—content providers, DNS service providers, on-line brokerage companies, and others.

Because the MEIX provides a neutral data center environment, MEIX customers benefit by having a choice of services between multiple providers.

“We are very pleased to have attracted all of the Class A ISPs to our MEIX Internet exchange,” states Tom Byrnes, SVP Sales and Marketing of GPX Global Systems. “Customers and ISPs are selecting the MEIX because it provides world class infrastructure and very reliable and secure colocation. The center offers a variety of local access and interconnection options and is the only exchange in Egypt to provide network diversity via a private, dedicated fiber optic ring connected to two major Telecom Egypt central offices.”

The Egyptian Networks Company built and operated the first privately owned Public Data Network (PDN) in Egypt. Today it is the largest network offering Frame Relay and ATM services.

The company provides world-class telecommunications solutions through a reliable, accessible, and cost-effective network that supports data and multi-media flow, and that is running on a fast and reliable Internet Gateway.

LINKdotNET, a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Holding, is one of the largest Internet Service and Solution Providers in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. It provides, maintains, develops and promotes Internet solutions and services that span Internet connectivity, hosting, online advertising, network solutions, and web development.

Nile On Line
As one of the leading voice and Internet services providers in Egypt, Nile On Line, provides its services through their numerous points of presence that spans all governorates, cities, towns and districts in Egypt via a secured VOIP/VPN. The services offered include both bandwidth and Internet. Applications include secured networks, electronic and voice mail, and hosting web sites and portals. Nile On Line currently hosts 70% of the Egyptian free Internet market.

TE Data
Established by Telecom Egypt to function as its data communications arm, TE Data is one of the largest ISPs in Egypt. With operations in Egypt and Jordan, the company offers narrowband and broadband Internet access, managed dedicated Internet access, IP VPN connectivity, and global connectivity services. The company has attained more than half of the Egyptian broadband market with its ADSL offering.

GPX Global Systems, Inc.
Incorporated in August 2002, GPX develops and operates state-of-the-art, neutral Internet eXchange (IX) facilities in emerging, but fast growing commercial Internet markets along the undersea cable systems of FLAG, SEA-ME-WE3, and SEA-ME-WE4 as well as other regional cable systems.

GPX IXs provide telecommunications companies (Telcos), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), e-businesses, and enterprise customers with a highly reliable, secure, neutral data center environment where they can collocate their mission critical communications and application platforms. In addition, the GPX IXs provide a single physical location where customers can access a host of services from multiple providers.

Contact Company: GPX Global Systems, Inc.
Contact Person: Tom Byrnes, SVP Sales & Marketing
Contact Email: [email protected]

Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance Solutions, announced today that it has extended its global footprint of IP Anycast Points of Presence (POPs) around the world with the addition of its newest data center located in GPX’s ‘Uptime Certified’ TierIV Data Center, Mumbai, India.

GPX’s Mumbai data center is Dyn’s first strategic location within India, a country with one of the fastest growing populations of Internet users. With the introduction of a new data center into Dyn’s global anycast network, DNS response times will be dramatically improved for those querying from the Indian subcontinent.

“Users local to the area of Mumbai can expect on average a 200ms reduction in DNS latency,” said Jeff Cronstrom, ‎Director of Datacenter Operations at Dyn. “By continuing to expand our global network, we’re honoring our commitment to our customers around the world to provide the best service possible by further decreasing DNS query latency, while increasing failover protection, and load balancing.”

The demand to expand into the region was clear but the provider selection process has been a year in the making. Ultimately, Dyn decided to co-locate with GPX Global Systems, a carrier-neutral data center, because of their shared commitment to uptime. GPX is the first ‘Uptime Certified’ TIER IV designed data center in South Asia. This strategic deployment in GPX’s new data center allows for Dyn clients to take advantage of a rock-solid network with geo-targeted global load balancing capability.

“The selection process for a data center is exceedingly important,” said Dyn CTO Cory von Wallenstein. “We look for key indicators of reliability and performance such as fiber optic density, availability of key IP carriers, site reliability metrics, and several other aspects. If done haphazardly adding new site locations can actually degrade performance in the network and it’s scary to think that some providers do this at random.”

Over the past decade, Dyn has created a robust and stable network that spans five continents. Other sites include New Jersey, Palo Alto, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brazil, Sydney and Hong Kong. The Mumbai data center is Dyn’s fourth in Asia and 18th overall. It won’t be the last either with additional locations expected to come online by the end of the year.

About Dyn
Dyn solutions are at the core of Internet Performance. Through traffic management, message management and performance assurance, Dyn is connecting people through the Internet and ensuring information gets where it needs to go, faster and more reliably than ever before. Incorporated in 2001, Dyn’s global presence services more than four million enterprise, small business and personal customers. Visit to learn more about how Dyn delivers.